Suburban location: BIRKDALE

My Values

My philosophy is to care for children in a relaxed, home-like environment, while giving them love, guidance, fun and a safe place to grow and learn.


A day in my care

A day in my care includes many enjoyable experiences to help children feel welcome and comfortable so that they can learn and grow. 

My house is situated in lovely Birkdale.  We have horses living nearby who love to come over to the fence to say hello -- especially if we bring an apple or carrot for them.

My house is low set and the family/play room opens out to a large undercover area to play. This is where we paint, ride bikes or play with play dough, sometimes we like to just sit and draw or read books on the cushions. Often, if the day is lovely, we have a picnic on a blanket under the gum trees  in our back yard.

The birds love my yard because of the trees and sometimes a koala will come to visit.  I have a large swing set in my yard with a slippery slide.

In the family room, we have other fun things to do to help us to grow and learn.  This room is air conditioned for very hot days.  One day a week we go to the Bayside Family Day Care Playgroup it is a great place to check out new friends and experiences.

I love music and it plays a big part of our day, sometimes for rest and lots of times for dancing. At times we play music together with the musical instruments we've made or ones I have here. 

We have a lovely day here with a variety of things to do.


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