Suburban location: birkdale [4159]


I have
I hold Certificate IV in Community Services (Disability work) and a Certificate III in Childcare Services.



have two children, whom I love so much and for whom I care -- doing my best to raise them in my Christian values of Respect, Love and Support.

I believe that parents want their child to have a loving and caring environment.

I studied for my Certificate III in Childcare Services because I have a passion for children. Each is unique, with different gifts, talents and abilities to achieve.


When children arrive, I give them a welcoming environment. I have set up the environment, so that it is ready for them to access the activities when they want to play.

I have a large backyard in which they can explore, ride, bikes, run around, kick balls, and play games. During summer, I provide children with water games and slides.

At lunch time we encourage children, self-help, washing hands, taking turns and social skills.

After lunch, I prefer to put on calm music for a quiet environment, or the children can read books or just lay down for a rest.

In the afternoon we sing, dance to music, play with puzzles or engage in educational activities. I like them to draw with stencils to learn the alphabet.

My aims are to support, care, and love the children, so that each can learn and practise good values in life.

Then help  to pack up, wash hands and go home.


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