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Holds a  Diploma in C

Additional Training & Certifications:

Current First Aid and CPR plus Anaphylaxis Training.


My philosophy

Children are our future and deserve the best that we can provide for them.

I believe every child has an equal right to be cared for, to be loved and protected,  to be educated, and to learn through play and by example. 

As an early years educator, I am sensitive to this, and so I allow your child/ren time to discover and to experience the world in which they live.  I believe that children need caring adult interaction to extend and scaffold their learning.

I aim to provide your child with an environment that is safe, loving and family-oriented.

my educational program


I am committed to the Australian Early Years Learning Framework [EYLF], my education and care practices are consistent with the Bayside Family Day Care Philosophy,  and I assure that my educational program for your child/ren meets the elements of the National Quality Standard.

I believe that my learning and care program should be based on your child’s interests, strengths and needs and should support their sense of belonging, being and becoming.

Therefore I assure that the program for your child/ren has a balance of set routine times, as well as flexibility with spontaneous activities, in a safe and comfortable environment. 

The challenges your child encounters are age-appropriate, so that your child can feel safe and secure and develop at their own pace.

I believe that children learn by imitation, so as an early years educator  I do strive to be a good role model.

I believe that children need to make choices, and I assure that there is opportunity for your child throughout the day to choose activities, food and friends.

I believe that my educational program should reflect and be open to different cultures, that of the children and families, as well as other cultures. The posters, music, and toys that I display, as well as the learning experiences I provide, reflect this.

I look forward to meeting you and  your child!


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