Suburban location: Alexandra hills

My Values

I am a trained Early Childhood Professional who has 11 years industry experience as both a Group Leader and Director in a Child Care Centre.

I hold a Diploma of Children’s Services. My goal is to provide the children in my care with a clean, safe, comfortable and loving environment, where they can play and learn.

As a new mother myself, I understand how difficult it must be to leave your child in someone else’s care. Because of this, I can appreciate the trust you put in me on a daily basis. Therefore, my goal is to build this trust by being professional, dependable, honest and most of all, caring for your child the same way I would want my own daughter to be cared for.

Together with my Husband Mark, and our Daughter Tia, we welcome you into our home.


A day in my care

We follow a flexible daily routine and our days are filled with play based learning experiences tailored to each child’s developmental needs and interests.

DRAMATIC PLAY: Dress-ups, dolls, home corner. Props are also added to this area to further interests and extend play; hairdressing props, shops, Dr and Nurses, camping, nursery etc. These props are also taken into the outside environment.

CONSTRUCTION PLAY: Wooden blocks, duplo, stickle bricks, mobilo as well as accessories like animals and cars.

RELAXING AREA: This area has been set up for quieter activities. In this area we have a range of books, puzzles, magazines and newspapers.

CREATIVE AREA: Everyday the children will have opportunity to practice a large variety of skills in many developmental areas- Drawing, painting, collage, play dough and cutting

MUSIC AREA: With a variety of handmade and commercial instruments the children are free to experiment with sound, beat and rhythm. This will be complimented by exposure to a variety of music CD’S and music and movement activities.

OUTDOOR PLAY: Climbing equipment, slides, sand pit and tools, bikes, hoops and balls. This area is often supplemented with dramatic play, painting, music, construction, books and water play and activities like bubble blowing, target throwing, obstacle courses, gardening and fun messy activities like goop and slime.


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