Suburban location: capalaba [4157]


Currently studying for Certificate 3 in Children’s Services


 MY philosophy

I believe that each child is unique and should be treated as an individual, with respect, love and care.

My ambition is to care for children in a loving environment, giving each a sense of belonging, while helping them to identify and build on their strengths and praising their achievements. Children define themselves by their strengths.

I enjoy watching children grow and encourage children to learn through play. We know that children’s early learning directly influences their future development, setting them up for success in school, and for confident and happy adult lives.

For me, there is no greater joy than seeing a smile on a child’s face; it is very satisfying for me to help create cheerful learning experiences that your child can share at home with you and your family.


I base my daily program on the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, with close loving attention to each child’s emerging individual interests and developmental stages, with the activities changing to suit the children as they grow, learn and play.

The curriculum is based on a strong sense of connection, encouraging children to engage in varied experiences, while promoting a positive attitude to learning.

Some experiences in which your child/ren can participate include indoor or outside play with choices such as play dough, cooking, music and dance, park outings, and engagement in the natural environment. Each activity is adapted to your child, and also modified to suite a mixed age-group curriculum.

I discuss your child/ren’s routines and transition times with you – and these are also important parts of the daily curriculum.

And I keep you informed of your child’s individual learning experiences and developmental milestones as they unfold while in my care.

My hours adapt to your needs, as I work from 6.30 AM to 6.30 PM as parent and family needs require.


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